EBI Énergie, Crevier Group and Énergir launch a new generation of service stations with the participation of the Electric Circuit

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The multi-fuel station boasts the most comprehensive line of fuels on the market.

Lévis, October 7, 2019 – Today, EBI Énergie, Crevier Group, Énergir and the Electric Circuit unveiled the multi-fuel station, which offers the most extensive selection of fuels on the market. Thanks to an investment of more than $10 million dollars, the station offers both traditional and alternative fuels to the thousands of motorists and truck drivers who use Highway 20 between Montréal and Québec every day. This new generation of service stations is adaptable and in line with the transition toward lower-emission fuels.

“As a player in the cleaner energy sector, EBI Énergie has adopted a proactive role in reducing our company’s carbon footprint. This project reflects our vision of offering solutions to the passenger and freight transportation sector that limit its environmental impact and reduce its operating expenses,” explained Olivier Sylvestre, director of development for natural gas transportation at EBI Énergie. This station is the result of an initiative by three engaged Québec companies and offers an additional service outlet for compressed natural gas (CNG), one of the major alternative fuels in North America.”

“Crevier Group is very pleased to join with three of Québec’s flagship companies in the energy sector in rethinking the service station of the future and in meeting the needs of our customers, who are transitioning toward lower-emission fuels,” stated Jean-François Crevier, President of Crevier Group. “Service station networks need to adapt, be open to new forms of energy and develop an attractive multi-fuel offer for customers, and this is another step in the right direction!”

“Énergir is thrilled about the opening of this multi-fuel station, which is the fruit of an unprecedented partnership with three Québec-based energy companies. The service station offers a diversified line of fuels to meet the needs of customers, particularly carriers, who will benefit from an additional refuelling point for compressed and liquefied natural gas along one of the busiest road corridors in Québec,” said Étienne Champagne, Vice President, Major Projects and Development of Emerging Markets at Énergir. 

“The electrification of transportation is a global trend, and Québec is a North American leader in this regard. This movement, which is well underway, bodes well for the future, in terms of both our environment and our trade balance. And at the Electric Circuit, we’re doing everything we can to contribute to it,” stressed France Lampron, Director of Transportation Electrification at Hydro-Québec and President of Electric Circuit.

 A comprehensive, adaptable line of fuels

Located in the municipality of Lévis, along a strategic route for carriers, the site offers an additional refuelling point for heavy vehicles that run on compressed natural gas (CNG), liquefied natural gas (LNG) and diesel. All pumps for commercial customers are automated and accessible 24 hours a day.

As for light vehicles, in addition to the choice of four refuelling islands offering gasoline and diesel, motorists can also recharge electric vehicles. The universal superstation boasts four fast-charge stations, financed by the Hydro-Québec’s Electric Circuit.

Crevier Group took advantage of the construction project to install the underground pipeline needed to deliver hydrogen to the existing pumps, whenever hydrogen-fueled vehicles arrive on the market.


About EBI

Founded in 1960, EBI is a family-owned, leading-edge company, distinguished by its innovative contribution to sustainable interaction between the environment and energy recovery. A major economic player in Québec and Costa Rica, EBI employs more than 900 people in the environmental services and renewable energy production sectors. A leader in its field, the company operates the largest network of public compressed natural gas (CNG) fuelling stations in Canada, supplied by more than 240 vehicles daily. As a leader, EBI aims to continue rolling out this low-carbon fuel over the next few years.


About Crevier Group

Crevier Group is a third-generation Québec-based family business and Canadian leader in energy and industrial lubricants distribution. Founded in 1945 by Émile Crevier, the company distributes fuel to 200 service stations in Canada. It is also a distributor of petroleum products for commercial customers through its wholesale and aviation fuel divisions. Crevier Group is also involved in the distribution of lubricating products like oils, greases and fluids and related products. Through acquisitions, the company now distributes its products to more than 3,500 customers, in seven provinces, from coast to coast.


About Énergir

With more than $7 billion in assets, Énergir is a diversified energy company whose mission is to meet the energy needs of its 520,000 customers and the communities it serves in an increasingly sustainable way. In Québec, it is the leading natural gas distribution company and also produces, through its subsidiaries, electricity from wind power. In the United States, through its subsidiaries, the company operates in nearly fifteen states, where it produces electricity from hydraulic, wind and solar sources, in addition to being the leading electricity distributor and the sole natural gas distributor in Vermont. Énergir values energy efficiency and invests both resources and efforts in innovative energy projects such as renewable natural gas and liquefied and compressed natural gas. Through its subsidiaries, it also provides a variety of energy services. Énergir hopes to become the partner of choice for those striving toward a better energy future.


About The Electric Circuit

The Electric Circuit is the largest charging network in Québec. It has more than 2 000 public charging stations, with 215 quick ones, deployed in 16 regions in Québec. Electric Circuit's users benefit from a 24-hour helpline, run and managed by CAA-Québec. The lecircuitelectrique.com  website and Electric Circuit mobile application for iOS  and Android  are progressively updated as new stations are deployed.


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