Reliability. Expertise. Proximity.

Crevier Group and its Catalys Lubricants subsidiaries is a leading Canadian company in the distribution and manufacturing of automotive and commercial lubricants, including ancillary products.

Founded in Montreal in 1945, the company now has 180 employees servicing thousands of customers across Canada. Our four manufacturing and packaging plants, 15 warehouses and multiple resellers are at your service from coast to coast.

Our divisions

  • Catalys Lubricants

    Catalys Lubricants offers exceptional products through its partnership with recognized suppliers such as Chevron and Shell, as well as through its private label brand: Catalys.

    This subsidiary of the Crevier Group stands out for its unparalleled service and its team of specialists who are always attentive to the needs of their clientele. These experts assess the specific needs of their customers and develop customized, value-added solutions that help them extend the reliability and life of their equipment and reduce their operating costs.

  • Roy Plus Co Sélections

    Canadian distributor of wine and spirits.

our team

Crevier Group is always looking for competent and motivated people to join its team. In warehouses or distribution, in one of our sales teams or in our administrative activities, you will find a stimulating work environment that favours your success.