Profitability and efficiency of your operations are our priority. Crevier Group offers a full range of commercial lubricants and related products that provide effective protection for your equipment.

We are committed to meeting and exceeding the standards and specifications of any tenders in our bids.


  • Quality Brands recognized in North America and worldwide
  • Private brands manufactured in Canada
  • Reliable delivery in a timely manner
  • Laboratory analyses to maximize equipment life and detect problems before they occur
  • Technical expertise on the lookout for new technologies and market trends

Other fluids

  • BlueLeaf diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) delivered through the DeliveryONE network of Mansfield Oil, a leader in DEF distribution in North America
  • Manufacturing of high-performance all-season windshield washer fluid
  • Selection of coolants/antifreeze

One-stop shop

You can buy all lubricants and related products from a single supplier.