Environ mentally responsible philosophy

Respect for the environment is part of the company's values and an integral part of Crevier Group’s products and services. Most notably in Quebec, the company implemented REVHUC, a used oil and container recovery program - long before any provincial regulations were in force.

Crevier Group follows best industry practices regarding respect for the environment and tries to surpass regulations by constantly studying products that could reduce environmental impacts.

The company also offers a wide range of high-quality biodegradable lubricants and distributes diesel exhaust fluids (DEF) that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality.


Crevier Lubricants is proud of having set-up its REVHUC (RÉCUPÉRATION ET VALORISATION DES HUILES USAGÉES ET DES CONTENANTS) program to assist its clients in recovering their used oil products and packages.

This program was designed to assist all parties in the chain constituted by Crevier Lubricants, its distributors, resellers and affiliated retailers and the users of its products, to respond proactively to their concerns regarding the protection of the environment. REVHUC makes it possible to recuperate and treat used lubricants and their containers in a way that is compatible with the safeguard of the environment and, to the extent it is economically feasible, to recycle or upgrade the recuperated products.

The REVHUC program meets all the requirements of the Règlement sur la récupération et la valorisation des huiles usagées, des contenants d’huile ou de fluide et des filtres usagés (in French only) enacted by the Government of Québec. Easy to implement, the REVHUC program makes it possible for clients of Crevier Lubricants to assume their environmental responsibilities and to comply with the letter and the spirit of the rules.

Ecofriendly actions

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To obtain more details on this program and the advantages it may offer you, contact one of our representatives or read the user guide (in French only) of the program for your sector of activity: